I am the color you have never seen!

This is just a creative plans to produce three-dimensional models and lighting effects, Vision and UI are using photoshop done in 3D software.

Sin City is always favorite movies, movie whim use shading to make the relationship between a pair of black and white images on the car!

Each brand of car taillights are representative image of her spare time to do individual brands like causing such pictures!



Final results and adjust the color rendering of the model grid after the integrated display.


2012年至2013年自我总结,整理了一些创作案例与国外经典案例进行了剖析和讲解,针对不同行业的渲染和色彩控制汇编整理成一本书,我希望这本书能够帮助有需要的人!--- Sh7Ne

2012-2013 self-summary, compiled some cases the creation and foreign classic case were analyzed and explained, for different industries rendering and color control compilation organized into a book, I hope this...

This is a very early production, and the order in this case also record a video teaching about LOMO style is my favorite color way!

Assuming an idealized space to entertain, do not know the reality can be achieved!

Black and white is always difficult to distinguish right from wrong, but also the eternal classic!

There are many musical interpretation of the way, here is a promotional image borrowed some software to do a rendering test!

Indoor scenes making is personally prefer the type, but the production technique is not very mature ·

Produced some of the few random things, and another one is to test the effect of particles!

This is an early completion of the work, the camera's viewfinder difficult for me for a long time & hope that the final results have not bad ~

I wish every production can be free to accomplish!

The entire work is a reference to a lot of photography after sunset summarizes some seaside environment made! Model is relatively simple, mainly for the production polygon!

Sometimes need a doctor to help themselves

  • Explore the telescope with the pattern of the European mind

Around all the evil and depravity, the environment, no matter how deteriorated, hoping to preserve most of the color and the presence of hope.

A simple fish, try to use the V-Ray renderer for production of cartoon painting style.

Mercedes-Benz three-dimensional model to test the effect of rendering.

Honda CR-Z car print “AD”

Material dare let a little better what ? just thinking !

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